Ready for Round 6

Guess what !

I’m finally looking forward to a round of chemo !

It’s round 6 tomorrow which means last one of this cycle of treatment.

At the start of January this point seemed so far away.

The journey between there and here has been far tougher than I expected. I have been critically ill on more than one round. I have had secondary infections and suffered all the side effects imaginable.

It was all worth it. The heavy dose, the aggressive treatment did what it was meant to do. It worked. Which makes all the sickness etc worth it. I was determined to get through right from the very start but I must admit there were points where I couldn’t imagine how I would get through it. I did. I will also get through this last one. I will get through whatever I need to.

There will be more chemo later this year but this cycle is almost finally over!! That is worth celebrating.

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