Round 2 – Hospital Drama & Near Death dreams

So basically I’m waiting for bloods to come back.

I took a downturn. I had to call my parents. My Mum took my kids home to their house & my Dad rushed me into hospital. We called the chemo hotline on the way so they were expecting me when I arrived.

They think I have gastroenteritis but if I am neutropenic it will have floored me again. We will see when the bloods come back. Hopefully not sepsis again as that was not fun at all & let’s face it can be so dangerous. I am already fighting for my life I surely don’t need an added complication. My guts are agony. I was also tachycardic when I came in.

I had a rather glorious moment of passing out and vomiting. As I said after to the staff if I can manage that whilst unconscious imagine what I’m capable of conscious!

I only discovered afterwards that I actually stopped breathing. It wasn’t just me passing out.

Strangest thing is I had this odd floaty dream but like no dream I have ever experienced. There was no colour or pictures. There was just this sensation of floating. Floating as if on water. No light just floating.

My Dad who sat through the drama while the crash team were called said they are just incredible. It was like a military operation, in fact he was so full of admiration for the female doctor who he said wouldn’t look out of place on a battlefield. They gave me adrenaline and lay me down, gave me a bump and in no more than 5 minutes I was back. Completely none the wiser of the drama.

I sat up as I came around rather sluggishly and found I had vomited all over myself and wet myself. Not a pretty scene and I started apologising and crying. The doctor and nurses were so wonderful. I am sure they have seen it all but they cleaned me up and soothed me. They really are wonderful people.

Oh I am so glad I packed an emergency hospital bag. This time I would not get caught out. I had clean change of comfy clothes within minutes. In fact Elmo Pj’s which made everyone laugh. I also packed my #gotonya big fluffy blanket which was really fab as A&E was cold. After my xrays the lovely porter brought extra blankets and I even managed to grab an hour’s sleep.

What can I say. It was a bit of a drama but the staff once again are amazing and I am waiting for a bed in High Dependency until they know what is happening with my bloods & infection. 

Let’s hope the bloods are ok and I can make a swift exit home to sleep.

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