Round 5

It is round 5. I can do this.

I am stronger than cancer.

Another fabulous friend came with me today which was amazing. Just after lunch time she even went to the hospital cafe to get chips and gravy for us both. It was wonderful.

It took ages to get the canular in which wasn’t great. As each round has progressed my skin has become more sensitive so the process of getting a line in has not only become harder as the chemo destroys your veins but it hurts more too.

I can do this. I bite my lip and I cry but we get it done and finally the chemo chemicals start pouring into my veins. I don’t feel much on the actual day in terms of symptoms. I am too high and buzzing on the super strong steroid dose to feel anything.

It still hurts though and yes I cried. I also realise that is quite hard for any of the friends that accompany me on these days. To really see the treatment of all these people who are fighting for their lives. To see the tubes and machines. To see the needles and bags of IV. To see the tears and pain. But I hope that they also enjoy distracting me. We play cards, gossip, laugh and set the world to rights. We laugh way more than we probably should. It is a pretty grim room and I have to be there all day so it really does need brightening up. They say that you have to laugh or you will cry, there is some truth in that.

I decided to brighten my wardrobe up too so invested in some new jeans in red. Perhaps I should rename my blog ‘The girl in red trousers’. I do find it amusing that it took Cancer to make me bolder in my clothing choices. I would never have worn red jeans before. I should have done though as I love them. I have bought red scarfs, red trousers, shoes and dresses. They go so well with all the blue I already have in my wardrobe that it is definitely my colour scheme. It has occurred to me that it is unintentionally very patriotic lol. Anyway I am glad. I would never have normally worn red at all. Not in jeans not in a dress. Now I love the bright colours in my clothes and I especially love my red dresses.

There are many things that this journey has taught me. Wearing brighter clothes is just one thing. One of the most important things it has taught me is to value the friends that have really stepped up to support me. I will always be really grateful for their support. The chemo treatment takes around 6 hrs. To sit there all that time really is amazing. They have all volunteered to do it and I am just so grateful. These treatment days have been so much easier in fact fun with the company of a good friend there.

So here’s to kicking cancer’s arse in treatment. Here’s to friends and here’s to wearing red.

Now it’s time to smash round 5 !!


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