Scarfs & Spots – Chemo Day 5 Jan 28th

To add insult to injury I have Chemo spots ! A ton of pimply acne like white spots ! It sucks.

But hey ! Positives

Chemo scarf success !!
It covers the chemo acne !!!
Ha ha

Ok so I look like I’m about to rob a train or something but really…. what does a girl do with teenage acne that would put a teenager to shame lol.

Ordered some nice mild cleanser and moisturizer and trying to make sure I stay really hydrated.

Went out for breakfast with the family & friends which was good and I ate as much as I could. Feeling sick isn’t great but whatever it takes to beat this crap !

I miss my babies but I am really glad they are being looked after at their grandparents.

I will not let Cancer define me.

I am not Cancer.

I am me.

I will fight like a warrior …… but I might just sleep for a bit first.

I will not just hide away and hibernate …… but I might just sleep for a bit first.

I will gather the strength to carry on ….. just need some sleep first.

Ha ha obviously I have not lost my sense of humour or fight but this afternoon I did contemplate just sleeping the next few months away LOL. Sleep is a healer. Getting the right pace will be a balancing act.


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