Scars & yukky things

Just had drain removed…. There were some rather choice swear words said through gritted teeth. The community nurses are amazing though and it’s great to hear them say that you seem to be doing well. After everything over the last few months it’s hard to know how you should be feeling and gauge where you are up to. They help to keep you on track without the trek into hospital. This was quicker¬†than I expected.

The really neat bit is the point where she asks if I am allergic to shellfish because the post surgery dressing that helps you heal the best and has all the right antimicrobial properties is one made from shellfish shells. Pretty cool !!

But it all looks very neat and despite me coming away all squeamish and un happy it hasn’t been that bad.

Always positives – no tube & bottle attached to my body filled with yukky body fluids. I don’t have to carry a bag around with a bottle in it anymore. Although the bag was kind of handy.

It really was very unpleasant having a tube in your body. Sleeping was really awkward. I am pretty happy to have got rid of it and now my body can heal up all the scars and holes that have been cut in it.  I had a huge hole cut in my body !! Sometimes it feels weird to just say it.

I have looked. I have taken a few pictures. I am not sure how I feel about it. Right now I view it as a temporary thing. I wonder if that means I can’t accept me without my boob. I love that the cancer is gone. I love that I am kicking cancers arse but loosing a part of my body has felt really difficult. I am brave. I am bold. I haven’t hidden it and I am not ashamed of it no matter how odd it may look but …… I am already thinking ahead to the reconstruction. I wonder if that is normal ? It is early days.

For now I just need to heal.

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