Sewing Basic Equipment list

I’ve been asked by some people what things you should have in your sewing kit.  So after some thought I figured it merited a short blog post.  Here it is.  My list of basic sewing equipment.


Basic Sewing Equipment

1. Needles.  I have a small pack of various needles actually bought in a supermarket.  So these don’t have to be super expensive.  I like the ones with big ish eye openings as they are easier to thread and sometimes I use embroidery thread and this won’t fit through a small eye.
2. Pins.  I have two packs.  One is fine dressmaking pins that are 0.6mm thickness the other are these pretty glass headed pins that are 0.65mm. I think they are pretty and great for most fabrics.


3. Scissors.
I use 3 scissors. A small pair of needlepoint scissors that are pointy and sharp. An ordinary size pair mostly for normal use. A large pair of dressmakers scissors. Flat bottomed perfect for cutting fabric. Most bought on ebay for an average cost so again not expensive ones.

4. Threads.
I tend to use Gutterman or similar quality threads as I am putting them in a machine. Why? Because cheap threads tend to shed fluff more which clogs up inside your seeing machine. I have a huge collection of colours as I am fussy about matching threads to the material I am using.

5. Measuring tools.
Tape measures and rulers. I don’t have expensive quilters rulers and measure rulers I used 2 clear flexible rulers that I had in school. I also have a variety of tape measures but my favourites are these wind up tapes with a button that snaps them back into their case. Saves time winding.

6. Marking pens
You occasionally have to make marks on fabric. I have a tailor’s chalk wheel which is fab and works well on fine fabrics and dark colours but I use washable felt tips most of the time. I buy super washable and they are just perfect.

7. Seam Ripper.
Remember not to hack away with one of these as they are pointy and sharp and you can end up with holes in your fabric or items in places you didn’t want far too easily.

8. Hem / Seam gauge.
This might not be absolutely essential but I find it so useful as a small measuring tool. It also has a pointy end great for pushing corners out in sewing Eg collar or cushion corners. It’s designed to help measure hems and seams. For me it’s part of my essential kit.

If you are using a machine you will also have feet and bobbins and other bits but I think they need their own entry. So watch out for my sewing tips post 2.

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