Shaved the Hair off

Hair shaved off after chemo loss. Tonya O'DonnellSo this happened today. My friend & hairdresser was all too willing to help me make the transition. Truthfully there wasn’t really a choice. Ok so the choice was go all patchy or just get ahead and take control. It wasn’t staying attached to my head and honestly I sort of knew that if I took a hairbrush to it that most of it would be on the hairbrush not my head. So we did this thing. Another friend took photos and well after the shave Megan said ok now me ! Total total nutter. But thank you ! Somehow it made it less of a trauma and a bit more fun and as you can see afterwards there was a lot of hilarious laughter.

It felt good to be in control of the process. 

There were a few tears at the start but seriously sod you cancer. 

You won’t beat me.

And look at the people I have around me!! 

Mum drove me over and my daughter came too. My amazing friend took some photos too so I will upload a gallery! 

I have some truly fabulous people on my side giving me strength ! In some cases going ok my turn now … number 2 all over… Ha ha.

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