Sleeping & eating. 2 Weeks after 1st Chemo

Wednesday 7th Feb bit of a mid day update. Cooking, eating & sleeping.

Well let’s see it’s 2 weeks since my first chemo.

When they said aggressive treatment I realise now I sort of underestimated what that actually meant. Maybe not a bad thing or I would have been more scared going into it. Not that there was ever an option to back out mind you.

It knocked me sideways and I think I can safely say no one expected me to land in hospital in septic shock with zilch immune system. Ha I am a warrior and fought back pretty well I think and carried on laughing through.

It has totally drained me. I am sleeping more than I can ever remember which must mean my body is doing a good job while it’s asleep of repairing and fighting to get fit. It received a huge dose of poison – the wicked witch got nothing on those boys lol.

My guts are a big mess. I still can’t cope with food particularly well. I obviously need some protein and carbs but can’t face cooking so I’m eating a lot of soup. I don’t really like ready made foods from supermarkets so plan when I can to get cooking and freeze a ton of things I like. Shepherds pie, lasagne and maybe some chilli though I might put a corned beef hash in the slow cooker.

I’m dropping weight so fast. Not a bad thing mind you but I have a week before round 2 to get my energy back up.

Funny but nope no longer craving cake lol. I will do a chilli and some other stuff and get a space cleared in my freezer. That might mean offloading a ton of stuff already in it to my mum’s but she has 2 huge freezers so I’m sure she won’t mind.

I still don’t feel up to even lying on the sofa at the moment though so cooking is a couple days away.

Strangely right now it does feel a little like my world has stopped. It’s all very odd. I had this image of me bumbling about in my Pjs with home office set up on the coffee table. Instead I’ve spent 5 days literally in bed mostly asleep.

My brain functions at normal pace with the added bonus of Jedi like powers . When it’s awake that is.

Anyway I’m hoping the kids can come home for a few days really soon. Miss them like mad.

Still shining!!

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