Sock animal creations. A sock crocodile.

Not feeling great at the moment so decided to work on something fun.  Decided to try and create a new sock creature.  I posted photos on my Facebook page as I created but I thought I would write a quick blog post too.  I chose green as a colour for this animal as I figured it a great colour for a crocodile.  The first job was to machine stich the outlines and cut them out.  Then you have to join the 2 main parts together. I ended up with this shape.


It looks like a weird worm at this stage lol.  Once I added the eyes things started to look a little more snap snap as my 20 month old daughter would say.

Sock Crocodile eyes
The next job is to shape the tail. When I machined the outline I created bumps so a few stitches in each bump helps to make them stand out.

A crocodile needs a smile. It sort of reminds me of the crocodile from Peter Pan. With the ticking clock. To create a smile I pinched a seam along each side of the snout then added some running stitches. I made sure the seams turned up near the eyes. We want a smiling crocodile.
Sock Crocodile
The feet have 3 little bumps for toes and with a couple of stitches in the nose to create a snout we love him.

Watch out for the blog entry on the next strange sock animal creation. How to make a sock snake

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