Speeding up & slowing down.

Speeding up

So the day started with me speeding up and being determined to live strong. I might be only a week post surgery but cancer isn’t beating this girl and life certainly isn’t.

I started out supporting Worcs Breast Cancer Unit at a Social Media Charity Morning organised by a lady who I admire a lot and have learnt a lot from as well as met some terrific people through. I love going to her Social Media Cafe learning sessions. I love learning and meeting people plus if there is cake well I need say no more.

I then spent the afternoon by the river at a Chamber of commerce networking event. Since I can’t drive right now and there was no one to do the school run the kids were overjoyed to get to leave school an hour early to come along. We spent a pleasant few hours by the river in Worcester playing and laughing and eating. I caught up with a friend and honestly was pretty high on the painkillers so I have no recollection of what I talked about but I am pretty sure I didn’t stop to draw breath. That orimorph is really strong stuff. That or it just has a really strong impact on me. I should probably apologise at some point for the constant insane chatter. 

Slowing Down

Anyway back at home the drugs wore off and I was asleep within minutes. Like literally changed into pj t shirt & shorts and zonk. The whole experience absolutely wore me out. This was me slowing down. The drive back I could hardly stay awake and I was starting to feel the pain. I slept on the sofa for 3 hours. It was totally worth it to spend time living. Live strong . It’s the weekend. I can rest all weekend but it was a lesson in how I can’t do too much even if it was a great fun day. No regrets despite feeling the pain now. Swollen and sore.

Loved the opportunity to kick life in the balls but paying for it isn’t the fun part. I probably need to actually do what I’m supposed to be doing which is resting and recovering from surgery. Feel as if I have a bowling ball under my arm. Let’s face it though next time I get the chance to go out and live will I stop and say oh I think I should sit on the sofa instead …… hmmmmm… nope I will get out there and live.

Now I’m starting to feel so much better than have for months I’m finding I’m an impatient patient lol.  Hence the rather sulky photo.

Being so ill I can’t remember large sections of the start of this year very well there’s a temptation now to throw myself back into life. I might just have to make it a slower transition than my brain would like. I think it’s ok to tell myself to slow down just a little perhaps.  Then again being so ill you have been robbed of months of your life I feel like it’s time to get out and get some life back again !!

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