Staying in Hospital & wanting own bed

Hospital update & going home.

Staying in over night but feeling much better. I was moved to High Dependency this morning but just been moved up to Oncology.

I’m in isolation but with luck all the tests will come back clear and I will get a fast pass off this ride tomorrow.

I didn’t really sleep in A&E so by 5pm I was shattered and pretty much zonked out for a few hours. Kept being woken to randomly be asked if I wanted a cuppa lol. Only in Britain could that be a thing lol. 

Don’t think I’m neutropenic this time but once again seem to have succumbed to an infection that though I tried to tough it out eventually floored me enough to warrant a trip in and a stay.

We ought to be very grateful really that when needed our British NHS really does it’s job. There was no question about me being here to ensure I was ok. Then no question no matter how frustrating I find the news of a short stay that they make sure I am well enough to go home. Most likely still not feeling fab but with just regular chemo shit not anything serious. I am extremely grateful for that.

I am also glad that I do now and then actually get organised and to that end had packed an emergency bag. All the essentials are in it so I shouldn’t wind up having to shower in HibiScrub this time .

I even have my own pillow and a nice comfy blanket and a towel ! There is a big bottle of body moisturiser and some lovely lip Vaseline. Oh and I’ve discovered I love lemon barley and can actually taste it ! Always positives.

Since I’m in a room on my own hopefully I will get some sleep. 

So night night everyone x 

p.s your continued love and support never ceases to warm my heart and give me strength. One of the further blessings in this has been learning just how much I’m loved and it’s truly touching. Thank you so much xx

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