Storms, Tides and floods.

This winter has been fairly mild all things considered where I live but I am lucky to be quite high up.  As seasons go though it’s felt warm and there hasn’t been any snow which is actually a bit of a shame. Meanwhile in the USA a polar vortex has plunged parts of the country into temperatures of almost -40oc and even Niagara Falls hasn’t escaped the freeze.

Here parts of the country where people are on river level have experienced terrible floods and coastline storms have been devastating. The river Severn always floods but like lots of people I also think the flooding appears to be getting worse year after year.
I have never seen the water around the bypass bridge at Worcester flood this far across the fields.
In the city the Swan’s are taking advantage of the flooding to enjoy the extra space. The photograph opportunities are great but it does make a lot of mess.

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