Summer dress in floral blues

Simplicity 1949. Summer dress

My next dressmaking project is a summer dress in blue florals. I am deciding whether to do age 3 as my littlest is already super tall and age 3 might last longer. 

Simplicity 1949 by TOTZ

I plan to use Simplicity 1949.  I have used it before to make this red floral top.

The red floral fabric was bought from Calico Lane.  I used the square neck with the red and used red lining fabric to create a nice contrast. This time I am planning on using the round neck.  I am also going to add a contrast band at the bottom and contrast pockets. 


I have picked two blue florals that I think will suit this hotchpotch style well.  Still deciding which to use for the main body. 
It’s a lovely pattern and I was looking for something close to what I wanted. I had seen a summer dress on Pinterest that I loved. Seriously addicted to Pinterest. Just love being able to pin pictures of things I have found that I like. It doesn’t matter if they are just for inspiration either.

I am sure it won’t be long before I am able to create my own patterns. I am getting better at mixing and matching bits I like from different patterns and using my own techniques sometimes rather than instruction on the patterns especially if I think I can finish something better. Ohhh get me the expert in the making. Who would have thought eh. I think it goes to show that it’s just practice. “A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step”. My first pattern was bought and made almost a year ago and I have learnt so much since then.
Watch this space.

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