Surgery talk & update on me

So today I had two scans. A mamagram and an ultrasound. Here’s some points I would like to clarify as I have had lots of messages asking questions.

I won’t get actual results until I see the Senior Consultant who is also the surgeon. He is one of the leading surgeons and consultants of Breast Cancer in the UK and we are very fortunate to have him in Worcester. 

As I have said before, because of the nature of my cancer I always knew right from the start that the chemotherapy treatment I have had would never really change the outcome of the surgery.

I can’t avoid surgery.

I will have more info on the surgery after I meet with the consultant. It will more than likely be end June or July.

What I do know from the ultrasound today is it looks like the chemo has definitely been doing it’s job of targeting the aggressive cancer cells as it appeared to have shrunk the tumours in my lymph nodes. That doesn’t mean I won’t have to have the lymph nodes removed I have known that from the start but it is a good sign in terms of ensuring no more spread which is great.

I’m really happy that the chemo seems to have worked it makes all the sick etc totally worth it. Marvels of modern medicine eh.

One more round of chemo to go then a period of recovery before the surgery.

I may not share post surgery photos lol. Depends how brave I am feeling.

I absolutely believe when it comes to your health you can never be too cautious or fight hard enough. I do not consider myself old and love life with a passion. I also believe that when people give up they diminish their bodies chances of fighting. Not for one moment no matter how weak my body might have felt at times have I ever wanted to give up. Quite the opposite.

I have not denied myself moments of fear, tears etc in fact I have embraced them as part of the process. I know that sometimes it’s ok to not be ok but as I am sure is obvious the tears don’t last for long. Thats not an act. Truthfully it’s just my nature to brush the tears away and get on with things. I probably get that from a long line of amazing strong women.

Today was a tiring day and I did fall asleep within minutes of getting home but it was great to see my mum despite the circumstances.

Now I need to sleep and probably rest tomorrow.

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