Great British Sewing Bee 2015 challenge.

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It’s almost here.  The excitement is mounting.  The date is circled on my family planner.  The Great British Sewing Bee 2015 is on BBC2 8pm February 5th.  This might seem an odd tv show to excite and tantalise a household but we aren’t a normal household.  This is TOTZ HQ where sewing is part of life and for mummy anything to read or watch about sewing is must view tv. So I will be there or at any rate my tv scheduler will be to make sure I don’t miss a moment and can re watch it in my me time moments. 
I’m looking forward to meeting the crew and seeing what challenges they have each week. 

I am also setting myself a challenge.  To make one of each weeks items myself.  So watch this space I will blog each weeks creatine Sewing Bee item with all its trials and tribulations and hopefully I will be able to make everything successfully.  Oh I do love a challenge !!


So February 5th not far away I am counting the days 🙂