The day after Mastectomy Surgery

Good morning.

Well that’s it I am officially no right tit anymore 🤣😂

A night in hospital is always an odd experience. I’m the youngest by miles and even my snoring was drowned out by groans and moans. Thank goodness for earplugs it was like a zombie sound effect studio- apologies to all the poor old ladies. They are very sweet but noisy room mates lol. That si saying something since I snore pretty badly. I do however really feel for them as two are obviously suffering some level of dementia which is truly very sad. My grandmother had Dementia and it really is awful. The nurses were really sweet with them which is so nice to see. 

Anyway I did manage to get some sleep or as well as could be expected anyway. Pretty sure the Liquid morphine helped. Wondering what pain relief I will get to take home. It sort of hurts. I still haven’t worked up the courage to look yet. I know It will make me cry.

Looks like another sunny day. They say the sun shines on the righteous. I would like to think it’s smiling for me. My nana Smith smiling her love on me.

Thankfully the pain relief is helping me get some zzzzzs. My thoughts are a bit all over mind you. I bet when I read this entry back it will be obvious my mind was wandering around the rabbit hold like when Alice was falling.  Maybe she was actually drugged not just falling asleep. My thoughts are quite scattered and very sleepy. I kept drifting into daydreams. One minute I am dreaming Disney the next I’m diving a coral reef the next I’m playing Exploding Kittens with Zachary. Memories or dreams? The General Anesthetic does odd things or so it seems. I feel pretty ok but my brain keeps taking little day trips.

Oh and Morphine makes my skin itch. There’s a song in there somewhere.

I keep falling asleep too. Mid thought. Did I mention that ?

It has taken me 10 mins to get this far.

I did send a Facebook thank you for the all the lovely messages I have received but couldn’t cope with anything else.

The surgeon popped by briefly yesterday to say it went fine. I’m expecting more info today or next consultation.

For now a few more zzzzs I think. Snuggled with Mickey. Just realised its only 5am. Yes I need more sleep. 


Update : I won’t edit this but reading it back it is clear my thoughts doped up after surgery were very scattered. I dream quite odd things too.

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