The effect your cancer has on your family.

Ha ha my daughter drew me a picture. It is a portrait of me. I love it so just had to share it. Loving the big earings!! #nohairdontcare

This cancer thing is tough on the people around you. If you have children it is certainly hard for them. Because I have been so ill my children have spent a lot of time at their grandparents. I know they are happy there but I also know they really want things to go back to normal so they can stay at home.

Being so ill that I have not been able to look after my kids on my own has been one of the hardest things about this year.  I miss them so much when they are not at home. Our house feels empty and quiet without their mess and noise. When I am well enough for them to be at home it is great. The only downside is they both want to stay so close to me they want to sleep in my bed too. I have ended up in my son’s bed while they slept in mine.

I also know how hard this is at times for my parents. For a start my parents have had my kids to stay over and they bring with them a lot of mess and noise as previously mentioned. It is one thing to have that on the odd sleepover at a weekend it is quite another to have them week after week.

Then there is my brother & his family. I love them very very much and my sister in law has been wonderful. She has popped in with cake & fairy washing up hands which is quite wonderful when you haven’t had chance to wash up in quite a few days.

Luckily for me we are a very close family and support each other a lot. We work together & often even holiday together. We also live close by to one another which is really helpful.

I also have the family I chose for myself. I have some truly terrific friends who have been amazing. They have accompanied me on chemo days, sent wonderful supportive messages & gifts, dropped off food & treats and been so supportive. I feel very fortunate indeed for the wonderful support structure I have. I feel blessed to have their love.

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