The hair is falling out !! Herceptin be damned !

8 feb hair coming out herceptin be damnedThe hair has started to fall out.

I cried last night a bit. But not for long.

I think I’m allowed that but I’m ok with it.

Better not to bottle emotions inside. That’s not my way at all. Besides it was just a moment. 

This is part of the process and it means the chemicals are working the way they are supposed to. It’s temporary. 

My hair is just an accessory that changes with the wind. The wind this year is blowing it away. I’m like a caterpillar being cacooned. I will be reborn cancer free at the end and the hair will all grow back. It’s part of the journey. I embrace it. 

It has to happen as part of me kicking cancers arse ! Which I am and will do. Will it be pink, blue or something else entirely when I get to the other end? Who knows. I might just have some fun along the way. Bring it on !! 

I got this !!! 

#attitudewarrior #positivethoughts #fighter

Tonya O'Donnell
My latest 12 months of hair styles. Thinking may just have to go pink again afterwards ! #rockpink

But I did do a bit of a hash up of me with hair !!

Scalp feels like ants are crawling all over it or it has pins and needles and hair is all standing on end.

Think it has started thinning out too… eek. The inevitable may be coming.

So while it’s still on my head here is a celebration of my various hairstyles most recently.

Let’s just hope when it does go that my head isn’t covered in as many spots as my face has been this last week or so

2 thoughts on “The hair is falling out !! Herceptin be damned !

  1. OMG….you’re awesome – all those different hair-dos in one year! It’s inevitable…you simply must go bald – just to another look, if nothing else. Always that grin 🙂

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