There is nothing like your own bed – Feb 2 Friday

Hospitals do not make great hotels. It is really hard to sleep. I had the good news that I could go home on the Thursday morning so after 4 days in hospital I was pretty glad to be going home to my own bed.

This has been a learning curve that has been for sure. I had no idea going into round one of chemo what it would be like or what would happen to my body. I had no idea what normal symptoms were and what wasn’t normal. It looks like I did a bit of both. The gut issues seem normal and although I am still suffering with these it looks like these are manageable from home. Which is true. The septic reaction – ok that wasn’t so normal. We are incredibly lucky to have a great health care system in the UK. Within hours of walking into A&E I was being treated and they were finding me a bed on a ward.

Much as I grumbled about the food and lack of sleep I was given excellent care and the staff were really nice.

My support team proved themselves to be excellent too !! Ha I am blessed with great family and friends. One of my closest friends spent the whole of Chemo Day sat with me and the next few days just being there for me which is truly amazing. Then when I wound up in hospital I quickly had care packages delivered and supplies brought in which I am so grateful for. Even today just before I left another friend who has actually been on a ward herself the last few days popped up with some treats. Yes I feel very loved.

I did vomit rather badly a couple of hours before they released me and I was a little worried they would take my get out of jail card off me but thankfully I still managed to break out. Straight home, straight to bed and boy there is nothing like your own bed.

I did crack a joke just before I left the hospital about the bed’s. I have rather loved being able to adjust the bed with the handy buttons. So I jokingly posted on facebook that I wondered how much the beds cost?

Now I just need to school my mates on how to spot when I am trying to be funny. Or I need to be more obvious with my humour.

I really do need to teach everyone to not take me too seriously.

I was teasing about the bed. I don’t need a hospital bed at home !

That said I do actually need a new bed as mine is a wood frame that’s broken and currently hold up on one side by boxes and books.

Last year when I bought my son his double bed I said to the guy in the shop I will be back next year for me. I could get it fixed and get an ace mattress but hey why not a new bed ? My son’s bed cost a bomb but to cover his teenage growing years I considered it an investment especially with his sleep issues and hypersensitivity. It is common for people with Autism to struggle with sleep.

So I am going to sort my bed out but….

I was joking about a hospital bed !!

I am not that old or dying !!

Though out of curiosity I did look at adjustable beds and hey they are ace!!

Really some of my friends are too easy to wind up.

I haven’t lost my sense of humour since I got cancer!!

I may end up on my back more than I had realised  and hey an adjustable bed with pop up TV sounds so cool!!

Climbing into my own bed happy to be home.

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