Time out for playgroup

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Sometimes there is just nothing better than taking time out to play.  Baby Twinkle is such an easily sociable person that going to playgroups is no problem at all.  Her big brother wasn’t as keen on people in fact he is still fairly discerning when it comes to people he likes or doesn’t now.  This playgroup is run by a friend of mine from our local church and it is at the church.


Twinkle loves the painting but that’s no surprise and does get quite vocal when it’s time to stop painting.  Gosh she is amazingly stubborn and strong willed.
Do our children really just become mini versions of us? I don’t think any of us like to admit it but as we become older I think we gradually morph into our parents.  Find ourselves using the same expressions to our children as our parents did with us and so on. I definitely see lots of me in both my kids. Nice in some ways.  Maybe that’s what people mean when they say that having children means you live on.  In them and their descendants.  Oh and of course today Twinkle modelled another of mummy’s sewing Totz creations.  Gorgeous she looked too.


Almost time for school run and today I am struggling to get my engine running above 3rd gear.  Damn thyroxine issues.  A night without waking would be good too.

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