Unexpected Hospital Visit – Monday AM 29 Jan

Monday update.

Don’t panic.
I’m still kicking arse.

Small blip is all.

I was admitted into Hospital last night in the dark hours of the evening. My Dad eventually left around 1am. I was on a trolley in A&E having had emergency Antiobiotics & was under observation.

It looks like I might be allergic to one of the meds. It seems the spots & rash were probably signs of this. I also had a temperature, pains in my chest and just generally felt knocked about. I almost passed out in A&E. In fact Dad thinks I did but only for a few seconds.

To be on safe side  they admitted me and in the early morning moved me to a bed on an Oncology Ward where I am  having IV Antibiotics.

Hospitals don’t make great hotels so a good night’s sleep is kinda tough lol.

The main thing is they will get me sorted so I can get home, sleep and go back to being generally kickarse.

I don’t need cake today but I’d kill for a Big Breakfast.
Once stomach is bit more settled lol.

Don’t worry I will be driving the elderly room mates nuts very soon I’m sure. 

These guys know their stuff though and I have always said I have absolute faith in our British healthcare system, the really clever people who work in it and the amazing kind staff. So for now I’m apparently staying put.

Bring on the boredom.  Oh bring me my laptop LOL

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