Weekend creative projects.

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Weekends for me are all about playing with the kids and planning my creative projects. 


I have two sock monkeys to be finished a memory bear all ready for sewing and a couple of dressmaking projects.  I have been promising to make some denim dungarees for my best friends little boy for months.


I just need to lay the pieces out and cut them.  I always start with copying the pattern pieces on to new pattern paper so I can keep and reuse the original pattern.  This actually takes quite a lot of time.  I have a blog post planned for this process.  Meanwhile job number 1 is the memory bear.


It’s a beautiful brightly coloured set of clothes so it should become a lovely bright bear. 

I also need to get my baking note book out and find my gingerbread recipe.


I found this cute gingerbread man lego person.  Someone sent me a link on Facebook to reindeer gingerbread heads made from gingerbread man cookie shape so I plan to have a go.

This weekend it’s also remembrance Sunday so we will be going to our local cenotaph to watch the laying of the wreath.  I think it’s important to remember all those who have given their lives so we can live ours in peace.

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