When life gives you lemons make …. lemon cake

There are just some days that seem destined to be dull and dreary.  My car won’t start so we can’t go anywhere and we do live on the very outside of a rural town so it’s too far for walking.  It just so happens to be a wet cold cloudy day anyway so we aren’t too bothered about being indoors but car trouble is always a nuisance.  There is a saying. When life gives you lemons make lemonade. It’s really about turning negatives into positives which is a terrific saying.  For me there is only one answer to a wet dull day and it isn’t make lemonade.  Get the oven on and bake something delicious.  Since lemons are on my mind the answer is easy.  My favourite lemon drizzle cake.

lemon drizzle

The recipe for the lemon drizzle is on an earlier baking post here. I also have a recipe for golden syrup oat crunch biscuits which seem yummy.  Bet the kids will love them.
Here is the recipe for the chewy oat cookies.

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