Whinge Less People

Life Lesson no 5Life lessons cancer taught me.

Whinge Less people !!! I noticed while I was dealing with cancer this year just how many people whinged a whole lot too much about really silly things. Really minor things that were insignificant in the big picture of what is important in life.

So whinge less.

If something is important then still whinge less. More planning and action is what is needed and a wholelot less moaning. 

I mean we all like a good moan about really daft things like people who drive badly on the motorway but what I am really talking about is the constant moaning. Every day seems full of things to hate and moan about.
Just stop it.

Be happy with your day and life. Stop looking for and counting the things that annoyed you and start smiling, laughing, relaxing and loving life more. Stop worrying about things that don’t matter and just concentrate on you and loving your day. 

Whinge Less!

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