Coronavirus Diaries – June 11 Mad update.

  • Australia had a terrible bush fire
  • Prince Harry left the royal family
  • Caroline Flack committed suicide
  • Kobe and Gigi Bryant were killed in a helicopter crash
  • the U.K. had months of bad storms going up to 90mph wind, causing damage and flooding to properties and streets
  • a worldwide pandemic happened. Making the shelves empty we started running out of supplies like toilet rolls, pasta, milk and bread in supermarkets and then Boris finally put us in to lockdown to prevent the spread, yet he still caught coronavirus.
  • Summer happened in April & May seeing temperatures up to 26 degrees
  • George Floyd got murdered and all over the world there’s protests, riots and looting going on for the campaign Black Lives Matter
  • Madeline McCann case has re-opened and someone’s got arrested for it???

You actually couldn’t write 2O2O and we are only half way through it … it feels like everyday is a new event..what the actual hell is going on.

I found this on facebook & just had to incorporate it into my Coronavirus Diaries. 2020 is mad, and I want this to pop up on my time so I can remember when the world changed !

2020 is like a Netflix disaster series and we are all minor parts in this strange sci-fi drama. If someone told you 6 months ago that we would all be locked indoors because on top of all the other issues facing humanity & the earth we have a raging pandemic of a virus never been treated before in humans, no medication, no vaccine – it is insane. Yet here we are.

The world has put humanity into time out. We are all watching through our windows with no idea when or if life will ever be the same again.

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