Coronavirus Diaries Week 9 – I learnt to TikTok

What day is it? Ah Sunday. ( consulted diary to discover its week 9 and day 63.)

What a week. While politically there were all sorts of Cummings (ref to D Cummings & his side trips to Scotland) and goings outside in the world lots more people started coming & going places too. I can see you all up there on the hills. They are never usually that busy. Harry Redknap blundered on tv when he announced that he had been playing golf ” now lockdown is over”. Yup lots of people seem to think lockdown is over & Coronavirus has gone away. Social distancing out the window there have increasingly been stories of play dates for kids & adults with pics on fb feeds of hugs & fun times with friends.

Tonya O'Donnell - missing people
Missing ‘People’ this week.

I’m trying not to let that make me feel slightly anxious because I do not want to become a complete agrophobe!

I did have a day this week when I won’t lie. I really missed people !

Meanwhile in my world like the worlds of some of my friends we are still isolating & still going above & beyond to keep the virus at bay. For those of you that don’t know I studied biology & chemistry at university. I took a whole year module in viruses ( admittedly mostly marine viruses & marine animals) but we did plenty of research in mammal viruses & how they work. I remember enough to be sufficiently cautious about this one. I’m also VERY aware that thinking it wont get YOU isn’t how the world works.

Tent fort - kitchen table & blankets
Tent Fort

This week IKEA sweden published downloadable building ideas for blanket forts so we built one. My smallest child is currently munching dry cereal hoops while reading a book to lamplight in her tent fort 👍🏻. Told you… totally winning at this home schooling lark 🤣. And their poker skills get better every day – along with their mental arithmetic 👍🏻.

Sewing scrubs for the NHS
Sewing scrubs for the NHS

Finished an awesome book then watched TV series by same author & sewed up some scrubs which my daughter modelled for me. I’m now moving on to another personal project.

I caught a tan sitting outside mid week !! Who needs a Spanish villa with a pool…. OMG are you insane yes yes me please, me please!!! Though we may end up resorting to driving to our Sunny holidays rather than flying in the future. You know that shit is gonna get expensive don’t you.

It was my Dads birthday. Let’s face it my Dad is a legend so we baked & made decorations and held a garden tea party for him. Then I managed to get them all tik toking. HA HA side effect of armageddon has been a whole new learning experience in the world of not just viruses but things like zoom, house party ( which I still do not get) & tik tok ( which is apparently only really cool if you are under 15 but is now full of tik tokking grandparents who are utterly brilliant). My mum & dad dancing video is my most popular one

Hit a high & low day Friday. Called a few friends. Some of my bestest favourite people. Managed to chat to two of them which was awesome fun & brilliant until I hung up & suddenly found myself in tears because I realised I really do actually miss seeing people in person. Not every day granted but definitely some days. Probably more than I like to admit. Decided against shaving my hair off…. and relax. In favour of more styling product & reading the instructions on how to dye it myself…. watch this space. Put red lipstick on!That is my tip for today. Ok it doesnt actually have to be red lipstick. It’s a metaphor for doing that thing that makes you feel less like a permanent slouchy couch potato- cos I’m not the only one who has had days they didn’t get dressed

Tonya O'Donnell - put red lipstick on
Put red lipstick on !

oh & you really really need to watch this Cosplayer doing a Disney themed #lockdown song. So much fun & let’s face it we all need a laugh.

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