Chemo Round 1 Goes really wrong !

Monday morning update.

Don’t panic.I’m still kicking arse.

Small blip is all. Well I started to feel ill. I developed a bad case of acne which I thought was just bad luck but apparently could be a sign of neutropenic sepsis. Much as I hate that I got rushed into hospital last night it was the right thing to do. I was feeling pretty rough when we arrived but thanks to my pink slip I was on an IV fluid & antibiotics within 40 minutes of walking through the front door.

We called an ambulance last night but sadly there was a queue of ambulances waiting to be admitted to my local Critical care hospital. The option I had was divert to another hospital or walk into A&E. That si what we did. My poor Dad looked really worried. He finally left around 4am. They had me in a station right next to the A&E nurses station and I was on 30 min observation. Not much sleep !

Looks like I might be allergic to one of the meds.To be on safe side I am being admitted onto a ward and having IV Antibiotics & fluid constantly pumped into me. Hospitals don’t make great hotels so a good night’s sleep is kinda tough but it’s the best place to be when shit goes wrong.

I have a lot of faith in the science & the people. They will get me sorted so I can get home, sleep and go back to being generally kickarse.

I don’t need cake today but I’d kill for a Big Breakfast.Once stomach is bit more settled lol. Don’t worry I will be driving the elderly room mates nuts very soon I’m sure. These guys know their stuff though so for now I’m apparently staying put.Bring on the boredom

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