Reading Cancer notes

Finally reading the notes.

In summary

  • listen to the medical team
  • be healthy but no fad diets required ( every section on this was clear). Thank goodness because I can do proper balanced diet but the idea of kale spinach smoothies was not appealing – fruit ones yay !! There was info on alternative treatments but they were very clear that there is no conclusive evidence to show any of these work. Other than maybe affect attitude. I don’t need green tea to give me a positive attitude but as it happens I like it so will keep drinking it !
  • be honest with people
  • don’t bottle up – there is help out there
  • I could get some free massage later on – bonus !
  • listen to the medical team ( Did I mention that already) 😉

That’s a step taking today. Not too much info overload just enough for now#fightingcancer

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