Hospital Trip Update – Chemo Round 1

Monday afternoon update.

I’m ok.
Wishing I could have a big warm bubble bath.
My bed would be awesome.
A decent mug of tea would be very special.
A good night sleep a blessing.
My make up bag would be very welcome.


They have had me on an IV Antibiotics drip so feeling bit better.
They are switching some of my meds so I don’t keep reacting to whatever it is that knocked me off my feet.

We have an amazing health care service.
I did spend the night in A&E but this morning was given a bed on a ward.
The staff are amazing and lovely.
My Dad is a hero – rushed me into hospital and sat with me keeping my spirits up.
My Mum is a legend and looked after my babies while I suffered wee blip in the journey.
I have considerably lowered the average age of patient on my ward lol which makes me feel very young Ha Ha.
I have awesome friends and family and work team who delivered goodies and KFC !
My amazing loved ones awe me with their messages of love and support. It really is strengthening and heart warming – a real boost.
The tea is better than British Rail.
I appeared in a magazine! Ha only a business one but hadn’t expected the photo chosen to be a large one of me lol.

I’m still smiling.

Still being #kickarse

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