Coronavirus Diaries Wk1

End of week 1 of isolation.

Finished the week with a pretty chilled out day. Watched The Goonies & suspect there will be quite a lot of old reruns & classic movies over next few months. Cut out a pattern for a top I’m planning on making ( have lots of unfinished projects & may now have time to complete them.)

Made a plan for this weeks homeschooling. ( going to try & remain sane)Made biscuits ( need sustenance to cope with constant Jabbering of an 8 year old. )Wrote couple letters. ( & did some fun colouring) Ironed 3 shirts. ( hate ironing so can only cope with few things at a time.)

Frankly I’m impressed we made it to the end of week 1 with no one committing murder, me not resorting to gin & the house still looking reasonably tidy. Delivery drivers are getting used to leaving my mail & parcels outside the door, where they stay under cover for 24hrs at least. Used video messaging quite a few times which was fun.

Found 2 local suppliers of fruit & veg & other essentials. Just as well as I suspect the chance of getting another online delivery is nill to zilch. I have Tesco due Tuesday though they have limited item no to 80 & no multiples of 4 or above of anything.

Roll on week 2. We can do this.

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