Coronavirus Diaries Wk2

Week 2 Lockdown & Home Schooling. Day 6.

There was reading, researching, writing & maths.

There was an online school class session with school mates ( on zoom) & then there was chilling out. Cups of tea, colouring, sewing & more reading. No Zachary in school today but he did get out of bed & help his Grandpa doing some DIY outside. So far so good.

Like the rest of the country I am battling with online delivery slots & shortages of the things we want. Since the world has gone mad and people have been bulk buying toilet roll and pasta we are having to reach out to froends and family for supplies. Not toilet roll – as it turns out my bi-monthly bulk Amazon order of Andrex has us well stocked with loo roll, but we are short on pasta & it is my daughters favourite thing to eat.

I did manage to find a local supplier who delivers fruit & vegetable boxes. Chuffed to bits with the contents I will definitely be ordering from them again. Perhaps just perhaps some businesses will do ok during lockdown and might find we change the way we shop in the future.

Kids are officially weird with their food. She likes her pasta plain, no sauce and no added ingredients just maybe a spoon of black olives. I as it transpires (& we learnt this during cancer days) have THE most amazing friends. Suddenly we had drop offs of surplus pasta bags from peoples store cupboards, phewwww. That is one dinner time crisis averted. BTW I have no idea why people are hoarding toilet rolls. I do think Amazon are going to do really really well during lockdown.

Week 2 Home Schooling Day 7

9 times table trick

Found myself scouring the internet for school resources and wondering just how long I could keep up this daytime school schedule. I am keen as mustard right now to stick to it but as the days pass I wonder if the novelty will fade… not for me but for the kids. I did manage to find a great tool for learning your 9 times tables so that is math ticked off.

Draw around your hands & stick the two hands on paper then label as the picture above shows.

For the first time in today’s class zoom my daughters teacher actually came online. What followed was mayhem on zoom !! It’s like herding cats. Except that my cat is bossing lockdown like only a cat can.

Pet cat (black & white) asleep on mummys bed

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